Roland Albert Besson

A self-taught painter, an art historian and a teacher, he has been awarded a great number of prizes at art exhibitions and contests.

He revisits 20th century art history.
He has developed a passion for Modern and Contemporary Art and for colours, which he expresses in his paintings.
With his palette of acrylic paint, and for every exhibition, he creates an original composition he calls “Memories of Paintings”, using meaningful and iconic details drawn from the works of the Great Masters, with due regard for the curators’scenography. He gives thematic lectures on Art History and he also gives educational presentations of his « Memories of Paintings »: he thus provides input for our approach on Modern and Contemporary Art and he helps us understand the fascinating process of an ever-moving artistic creation.
He takes part in the Arts and Paintings Seminars, organized at the History Centre of the Paris Institute of Political Sciences (Centre d’Histoire de Sciences Po).